The most delicious fresh orange juice in town!

Three roti tacos with honey-soy chicken, balsalmic vinaigrette red onions, creamy garlic aioli, cabbage and mustard carrot sauerkraut, tomato salsa cruda with lime and chaat masala, fresh paneer, rocket salad, and a side of paprika cucumber slices and crisp pickled carrots.

Chickpea hummus with tahini, roasted garlic and ginger, extra virgin olive oil, lime, oven roasted tomatoes, and cucumber slices. Served with rosemary foccacia toast and sesame crackers.

Zuchinni, spinach, and cheese quiche with black pepper and red chilli.

Carmelized fruit pie with cinnamon, nutmeg, red grapes, bananas, and apricots.

Chilled mediterranean salad with roasted eggplant and zuchinni, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and cucumbers in a cumin-coriander vinaigrette. Served with pasta or toasted rosemary foccacia bread, with sides of creamy garlic aioli and black-pepper-cinnamon-pickled grapes.